Alan’s talks

Sunday 6th June, 5-6pm – Gas mask workshop

Over the last few years Alan has curated a large collection of WW2 military and civilian gas masks which are on display at the Take Shelter museum. Alan’s first talk will describe in detail each of the different gas masks (respirators). He will also outline the role of ARP wardens and examine some of their rather basic equipment.

Sunday 27th June, 5-6pm – Bombing raids in Brighton

Alan lived in Brighton during the war and has extremely personal and detailed memories of the different bombing raids in Brighton. He will be examining different air raids over Brighton during his talk, as well as giving a thorough and colourful account of what life was like.

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Alan’s story

Alan Dart volunteers at Take Shelter! and leads weekly workshops for the visiting school children. Alan is known to the team as the walking Google of WW2, as he has an encyclopedic knowledge or Brighton’s history during the war years.

Born in London, Alan travelled to Brighton at the start of the war where he’s lived ever since. He attended St Mark’s School in Brighton and on the 23rd May 1943, the day it was bombed by a squadron of German Focke Wulf 190s, he was at home having his lunch. His first-hand accounts of this and other air raids over Brighton are extremely detailed, emotional and absolutely fascinating.

Alan has an interest in WW2 memorabilia, and as well as his collection of respirators has acquired a large amount of rare books, photos and personal effects. In 2019 he presented a keynote presentation to the Chamber or Commerce about Brighton’s local history during the war years.

Watch Alan as he describes the German plane crash at St Nicholas’ Church, Brighton.